Jamdown follows the misadventures of a group of aspiring musicians Ducky Dread, Pablo, Nikko Bam Bam, Fiyah Kat, Rikki Jive Rabbit and Reuben Rydah! Their collective musical disciplines span from Classic Reggae to Rock to Hip Hop to Soca. Despite their impressive resume and massive cult following, they have never obtained true commercial success. Standing in their way, opposing them at every turn is the villainous and unscrupulous Hog known only as “The Captain”. Ducky then decides to play the role of protagonist to counter the antagonistic “Captain”.

Because there is strength in numbers Ducky must unite his band of misfit musicians into one super group which he collectively calls the “One Love Crew”. But can they each put aside pride, ambitions and individual dreams for the good of all? The fate of every artist on the Island of Jamdown may depend on their success!